About Us

BeYou med Spa

BEYOU MED SPA is a beauty clinic that specializes in facial injections, and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills, BEYOU Med Spa implements the most innovative techniques to rejuvenate your skin and enhance your attractive facial features. We embrace a future that replaces surgery with non-surgical procedures that are fast, safe, painless and require no downtime. Our philosophy is that anyone can attain their desired results without compromising their natural look. Upon your free consultation, you will be given a customized treatment plan, tailored specifically to meet your beauty goals. Instead of using the same beauty regimen for everyone, we customize your treatments to best fit you! Call BEYOU Med Spa a today and let us help you become the best version of yourself!

Our Medical Director

Dr. Farhad Chimeh, MD is the Medical Director of BEYOU Med Spa and is a graduate of Harvard University. He is very well-known for his internationally broadcasted TV program where he educates the public on health and medicine. He is also an Assistant Professor at UCLA and a prominent lecturer at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, where he educates other doctors about the latest research and technology in medicine. He is a member of the elite organization “Leading Physicians of the World.”

Dr. Chimeh is also widely known for his remarkable research findings in the field of vitamin D and body metabolism, which have been published in the British Journal of Dermatology. He has also authored many publications and book in the field of medicine. Dr. Chimeh is dedicated to bringing the latest technology and research to the clients of BEYOU Med Spa. As the medical director, he is responsible for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of each treatment, while educating each client about their individual health and beauty goals.

Our Master Injector

Fay Asghari, RN is the co-founder and “master injector” at BEYOU Med Spa. She is a microbiologist and board-certified aesthetic nurse who specializes in facial injections. As an artist with exceptional attention to details, Fay is an expert in sculpting beautiful and natural-looking faces. She has dedicated her focus exclusively towards mastering the field of facial beauty and has created a global reputation as a celebrity injector. Her work has distinguished her as one of the top injectors in Beverly Hills.

When treated by Nurse Fay, many clients are amazed over how easy and painless their procedures can be. She pays special attention to each client’s beauty goals and creates a customized treatment plan to achieve those goals. As a beauty coach, she establishes long-term relationships with her clients and ensures their progress in health and beauty.

Our General Manager

Aryan Nasr is the General Manager of BEYOU Med Spa. He is a Mathematician from UCLA with a passion for leadership and helping his community. He has extensive experience in the medical field and has directed other medical practices to enormous success. For Aryan, customer experience is the highest priority. He puts all his effort to ensure that BEYOU Med Spa is an environment that fosters trust, honesty, and kindness and everyone is treated like family.