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the only FDA-approved injection to dissolve fat
non-surgical treatment

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Harness the power of your body's growth factors
Naturally Stop hair loss
Nourish thinning hair on scalp or beard

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Non-Surgical Treatment for
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We specialize in facial injections and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Our Beverly Hills med spa uses the most innovative techniques to rejuvenate your skin and enhance your attractive facial features. Upon your free consultation, you will be given a customized treatment plan, tailored specifically to meet your beauty goals. Our purpose is to ensure your safety and provide you with natural-looking results that meet your expectations.

Helping you look naturally beautiful and healthy.

Using the most advanced non-surgical technologies that are easy, safe and affordable.

On Bedford Drive, between Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevard. Free two hour parking available.

Fay Asghari, RN-BSN is a board-certified aesthetic nurse who specializes in facial injections. She is also the co-founder of BEYOU MED SPA. As an artist with exceptional attention to details, Fay is an expert in sculpting beautiful and natural-looking faces. She has dedicated her focus exclusively towards mastering the field of facial beauty and has created a global reputation as a celebrity injector. As a beauty coach, she establishes long-term relationships with her clients and ensures their progress in health and beauty.

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Beverly Hills

Some of Our Most Popular Treatments


The chin and jawline are one of the most important features of an attractive face. A sharp, well-defined jawline is a sign of youth, confidence and good health. It is also a symbol of masculinity for men. At BEYOU MED SPA, we specialize in creating a stronger chin and a more defined jawline. The non-surgical treatment involves quick and easy injections with almost no downtime.


As we age, we lose collagen and elastin which provide structure and firmness to our skin. One of the key signs of aging is the sagging of skin. Thread Lift is a safe, non-surgical facelift that involves the insertion of tiny sutures into the skin. Within months, the sutures get dissolved and are replaced by new collagen and elastin that naturally maintain that youthful lift.


A non-surgical treatment for lifting, plumping, smoothing, and contouring the face as well as reducing wrinkles, folds and creases. Through the use of injectable fillers, a liquid facelift is a fast and easy treatment with minimal pain and little to no downtime.


Botox is a non-surgical, FDA-approved injection for smoothing wrinkles and lines. It is derived from a protein that relaxes the muscle underneath the skin. As a result, the wrinkled skin unfolds, leaving a younger looking you!

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are gel-like solutions that are injected
into the skin to create volume and contour the face.
There are different variations of Dermal Fillers and
each is ideal for a specific purpose. Dermal Fillers
are increasing in popularity because they are safer
and less expensive than surgery.

Thread Lift

A Thread Lift treatment inserts special FDA-
approved absorbable filaments into sagging skin to
gently pull the skin together and give a natural lifting
effect. This treatment tightens the skin, boosts
collagen production, and can be used to contour the
face, neck or body. Thread Lift is very popular
because it is a much safer and less expensive
alternative to face lift, butt lift or breast lift.

PRP Plus for Skin

SuperPRP for Skin is an enhanced version of a PRP
treatment that also combines Microneedling. First, a
small vial of blood is drawn and centrifuged. The
nutrients and growth factors in the blood are
separated and reinjected into the skin, followed by a
Microneedling treatment. This treatment provides a
natural, long-term solution to dull, dry, wrinkled,
scarred, discolored or sun-damaged skin.


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Alyssa G.

I've been to many other plastic surgeons and NPs over the years, and I'm extremely picky about who does my dysport and fillers. Fay was able to even out some of the asymmetry on my face by spending her time using multiple injection sites rather than just injecting an area in one fell swoop. I really appreciated this attention to detail.

Ricardo H.

Fay has a very sweet personality and takes time to patiently explain everything. I went in expecting pain but I FELT NOTHING!! When I looked in the mirror I was shocked! My chin looked sooo good and natural. I couldn't stop crying it was such an emotional moment. If you have problem trusting someone with ur face, then GO WITH FAYYY.

Yasmeen N.

I've gone to many places to get fillers.. and it has always been painful and I've gotten bad results. But BeYou Med Spa have given me amazing results and she made the whole process close to painless! Nurse Fay really has an eye for making you look youthful and full when needed for volume loss. She knows the exact places to inject to give you the best results for your face and to be the best natural version of yourself. I can't wait to go back.

Alyssa G.

Fay and her team have definitely exceeded my expectations. She is very precise with her work and has an eye for beauty. Customer service is on point...

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Shayan S.

I came for my consultation which went so well. Few days later I got my appointment for Botox on my forehead but at the same time I made sure to make it look natural...

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Daniel P.

I highly recommend BeYou Med Spa for all kind of treatments for your face. They will take care of you in the best way possible...

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